My Fit and Healthy

2015 had been a HUGE adventure - filled with excitement, change and new beginnings :)
:) We got married :) 
:) We went to Thailand on Honeymoon on our first over seas trip together <3
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:) I watched my little Roo grow and change into an almost 6 year old 
:) I stayed fit & healthy for most part of the year (even winter but not during my two months of morning sickness)
:) My "little" bother started University and my "little" sister is about to finish Matric
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We are having a baby <3 
We have traveled to new and old places, explored new things and had ALOT of fun! 
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One of the things I ave tried to focus on this year has been my health and fitness :). Generally I don't get sick often and I run on and off as I feel my jeans getting a little too tight for comfort - that was the extent to which it concerned me. 
With a huge media focus on this in 2015, Health and Fitness was definitely something that drew me in. I have given it all a shot, new eating habits, yoga classes, smoothie binges, vitamins, exercise programs.... you name it :) - and my conclusion after it all:
What I have realized over this year is that I needed to give myself time to get to know myself & my body. Roo said to me last night: "You know Mom, I love you and dad the same - to the moon and back 20 hundred times - the only person I love more then that is me." 
Well said kiddo :). 
With this in mind, this is what I have been up to the last month or two 
1. Exercise -  I love to run, so I run! There are days I feel like my body doesn't feel like and I try to listen to that, there are also days my head doesn't feel like it - I try to put my takkies on and get out there (it only takes one minute & I'm into it). I also try to do a yoga class once a week to stretch out, relax and tone my pathetic arms!
2. Eat -  I have tried to learn what types of food my body doesn't like (bloating, stomach cramps, nausea, sluggishness - all signs).  
3. Listen to my body: I have started to google my cravings -  it is so often your body needing something else - the most important one chocolate = magnesium, eat a nut, take a pill or eat some dark chocolate at least :) & fixed - also I use this chart :)
3. Sleep: I am married to a dairy farmer :) and so we go to bed at 8.30 or 9pm and I cherish these precious hours of sleep & catch up
4. Water: drinking water, lots of water, has been the nest habit i have learnt this year, its harder in winter when its chilly but has made a difference to my health, skin and cracked heels :)
 5. Time out: I take time out, weather it be a super long bath, a massage with Colleen, or just lying outside for 30 mins - I give myself time to relax, close my eyes and let go. 
Kahuna number 9 has come and gone - this journey is coming to an end quickly but has been that a journey, one that has given me something and taught me something. Learning to love, listen to and appreciate my body is such an asset. I know my own goals, what Id like to look like, how far Id like to be able to run and what food I'd like to be able to eat guilt free :). 
P.S... This is what works for me - figure your list out :) 

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