My 10 Week Kahuna Journey with Colleen

For the last 10 weeks I have visited Colleen every Thursday as part of my Kahuna Massage Journey. This began just as she moved into her new home and quite close the start of my pregnancy too. (Thank you Colleen for keeping my secret for all those weeks - I know how hard it was for you not to tell my Mom!)  
It was a time of new beginnings for both of us and that energy fueled these sessions. 
To start off with, I wasn't sure what to expect. So I Googled - as I do - to try and understand what Kahuna is all about and to learn about the different Hawaiian cultures, beliefs etc.
Kahuna is an ancient Hawiaan culture, "huna" meaning "secret knowledge" and "ka" being given to anyone whom is a master of these Kahunas. Kahunas must practice the art of "Aloha" (love) -  meaning they need to be completely focused on their client offering love and compassion throughout the entire treatment. 
During these 10 weeks I had to learn to trust, Colleen would lift my legs and also massage my stomach (something I have never been brave enough to let anyone even try) once I learnt to trust, the massages become something more flowing & relaxing. The massage involves the fingertips, hands and forearms, moving in a single motion along the length of the body #youwillfallasleep! 
Over this time I have changed (maybe not so much to others), if you saw me 10 weeks ago and again now, you'd probably just think I'm a little chubbier :). I see a better version of myself in the mirror and that is where it starts.  
I have learnt to acknowledge the importance of patience, love, self reflection and growth. I am more aware of the people around me, what they bring to my life and what I give theirs. I appreciate people more, even if only in my own heart - I often smile thinking about what others bring to my life and remind myself to embrace it and share it <3.
I am comfortable in my thoughts, feelings and emotions.
I feel free to express what I feel and believe in.
 My flaws have become "work in progresses" rather then "out of orders" 
 I have energy and love. 
I am more patient and calm
I have learnt to breath, make tea and just carry on
I have learnt to just let it go - sometimes :) 
I let myself cry, laugh and get excited
I have embraced my pregnancy with love and joy - even without the wine!
I have enjoyed my time getting to know Colleen better, over the weeks and countless cups of tea (thank you) shes someone I've gotten to know as a person. While I don't believe you need to share the same beliefs or ideas as others to have a relationship - we are far from being the same - I have grown to understand her, what she does and why :). We accept one another and take what we can learn from those around us. 
The biggest thank you to Colleen for this wonderful journey and for offering me the gift of "ALOHA" you are indeed a Kahuna "master of the secret knowledge" <3 xxx
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