A friend of mine sent me a slideshow of these pictures a few months ago and I had a giggle but looking back at them now - they could not be funnier!
Funny Illustrations Pregnancy Struggles 4 
For those of you who have been pregnant you will be all too familiar with waddling - "Duck-like"! It takes me time to go from lying down, to sitting, to standing and then once standing, FINALLY, I waddle around like a duck trying to figure out a way to avoid back pain, stomach tension and leg cramps - if this is what pregnant is like I'm not sure I'm ready for old, EVER! 
 Funny Illustrations Pregnancy Struggles
Roo, my eye level tummy critic, says "wow Mom, you really are starting to get a boep hay".
Last week Friday couldn't have come fast enough, Waddling through the door into Colleen after one HELLAVA complicated and emotional morning all I could think about was how grateful I was to lie down and relax for an hour.
Funny Illustrations Pregnancy Struggles 1
Given the recent size increase of the bump, we have moved onto pregnancy massage, lying on each side for 20mins and on my back for 20mins. I am not usually one to suffer with aches and pains (unless its exercise related stiffness), but now I do battle with back pain and my legs and calves, which have taken to cramping, are often stiff and sore as a result. 
Funny Illustrations Pregnancy Struggles 2
My body has changed alot in the last month and I can feel the effects of the weight on my body. A combination of gentle Kahuna massage strokes and warm rocks gently released tension in my sides, legs and back allowing me to feel more comfortable and relaxed. It is amazing to feel the response of the baby during the massage. Whenever I lie down or keep still, baby takes this as cue to get the party started, this is one active little bugger! During the massage baby changed from wiggling around frantically and kicking every hand, stone etc that Colleen put onto me to a much more calm little lump following her hands around wherever she was massaging.  
I lay, comfortably for an hour, closed my eyes, breathed, slept and relaxed. The aches and pains will no doubt be back with the changes going on with my body and i'll go back again, because that hour allowed me the chance to relax, re-energize, clear my mind and waddle a little less obviously :). 
Funny Illustrations Pregnancy Struggles 3
There is something beautiful about being a part of creating life. Having the chance to forget about fatigue, aches, pains and nausea allows me to remember what a beautiful thing is happening. I already love, embrace and cherish this little person with every part of me, and happily take all the downs that may come with it - because there is nothing more precious to our family then this new little life that is being created <3 #happyheart
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