The final stretch

King Louis, for those of you who arent as Disney educated as my husband, that would be the orangutan from The Jungle Book...
571380 junglebook
and also my nick name for the past few months :), because what are husbands for - if not blatant honesty!
With only 2 weeks to go until our expected due date, I feel more and more like King Louis each day - boep, a little jungle like in looks and a bit primal in behaviour. 
I have never been a "regular" somewhere, now that we have in the Midlands for 2 & a bit years, we have grown to like places and people in the area that we tend to go back to - we have our favorite pizza & coffee places, hair dresser etc... 
For me, one of these people who now knows me as a "regular" now is Colleen. I have been  going to Colleen for about a year or two now, during which time she has seen me stressed, over worked, tired, super fit, happy, married, honeymooned and now pregnant. All these states of life have meant I have needed different things - 
sports & deep tissue massages after long runs and races, detox and repair massages after wedding & honeymoon red wine indulgences :), reiki to reconnect with my emotions and take control of life when it whirlwinds, kahuna to ease into my pregnancy with love, gratitude and gentleness and now pregnancy, hands, feet and head massages to relax, heal and ease aches and pains.
Colleen has become one of my favorites because I don't need to know what I need, she always just does. In fact I don't even choose what I have when I go visit anymore she just does.  I don't need to understand what she does, how it works, where it comes from - its just a case of going, accepting & letting go :). Between my mum (also a Colleen fan) & I we have sent a DOZEN people to visit, from the biggest skeptics to the most relaxed and open minded of our friends and family - and all have the same kind of feeling, that of being healed... and its a beautiful thing! 
Aches and pains aside for a couple of days after a lovely, relaxing pregnancy massage - that may have been my last visit before popping! And ill be back through that door in a months time with a new challenge for Colleen as a new mommy & am excited for what comes next!   
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