Something Small

We had a baby.
A beautiful, perfect, baby boy :).
I could go on for HOURS about how it has changed my life, how much love my heart is filled with, how I am completely and utterly in awe of him, my family, my husband, our daughter and this new adventure we are all on! (trying to remember to breathe <3 ) 
Amidst all these emotions of joy, excitement, love - comes all the other stuff too - tiredness, hormones, maternal instincts, a softness, calmness, fear - wowsers there is a lot going on in there! 
Colleen tried for WEEKS to get me to visit, knowing all too well that while this would be one of the happiest times in my life - emotionally it is also confusing, wired, new, different. Some time out and a little reset would be good for me, trying to put yourself first before 2 kids, a husband and a home to run is more challenging then one would expect!
After try number 6, yes we failed to get there 6 times! Owen and I managed to get ourselves into the car (10 minutes later then we intended of course) and off I plodded to Colleen, hoping those little eyes would get sleepy in the car and I could enjoy an hour of massage and reiki for some much needed Mommy R&R. 
Half an hour into my massage, my body was now melted into the bed after having all those preggy niggles rubbed out of my back (FINALLY), grunts and wiggles began to emerge from the car seat - someone else wanted some attention too :). 
Having been to Colleen throughout my pregnancy for massage and Reiki - her voice is definitely one Owen recognized. She gently scooped the little bundle out of his car seat and we slid him under the blanket on the bed next to me - stones and crystals moved from around me to around us as Colleen moved between the two of us during my reiki session. I felt his little body relax and melt into the bed next to me - arms out to the side, hands open, breathing slow and calm.
Sleepy mommy and sleepy baby in the beautiful "floaty" place that only reiki can take you to - relaxed, reset, recharged and even more ready for this new adventure we are all on. 
I am not a skeptic at all, while I may not always understand everything about what Colleen does or how it all works - I have always thought I am happy to accept it and aknowledge what it does for my mind, body and spirit. It was a completely different experience watching the effects of what she does on someone completely neutral. Owen has no interference from thoughts, society, expectations, life etc and it was incredible to see how he responded to this session. Colleen you have beautiful healing hands, capable of so much more then what our bodies and minds allow them to do.
Thank you for what you have given us already and we only look forward to what is to come :)... read about our next session with Rachel, Owen and Myself soon :) 
Live, Love, Laugh
Jenna xxx

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