Our Midlands Adventures #1

Our Midlands Adventures #1 Featured

Our Midlands Adventures #1

I LOVE holidays, weekends and pretty much anything that has to do with getting to spend good, fun time with my gang .

We love to go away & explore new places... but also spend a lot of time enjoying weekends & activities in the Midlands.


One of the hardest parts about planning a holiday for us is deciding where to go & what we'll do! So for families coming to the Midlands, our adventures may just inspire a few ideas...

Summer is FINALLY here and for outdoor obsessed mom & water obsessed Roo, swimming somewhere is always on the cards.

With the addition of "little" Boetie, we have to think a little harder to find things that we can all do together, but somehow the wolf pack somehow always manages to conjure up a (FUN) plan!

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Karkloof Falls is a fantastic family day out and one of our favorite places to visit in the Midlands (especially at the end of the month when the bank balance reminds you just how spontaneous and fun you can actually be!)

Take a beautiful drive down the Karkloof valley to some beautiful picnic spots, lovely river pools for swimming and some super bike trails (which are also great for trail runs or family walks)

Pack a picnic (some beers), cozzies & takkies & go and explore this beautiful place  

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