Fun at Home :)

There are a GAZILLION reasons why I love living in the Midlands - just look at my instagram account :)... one disadvantage however is the 40km round trip to school everyday, twice a day!
 Occasionaly when the weekend comes around I CANNOT get into my car :)!
I thought I'd share some of the fun things we do at home to entertain the kids on these "bound to the house" weekends 
1.  Build a swing. Half a fence dropper, a tall tree and some rope - cheap and fun!
And if you dont want to have to push, give them a chair to jump off 
2. Play in the mud :)! All gardens have sand and water - find a corner and let the kids make a mud pit!
This is not only ENDLESSLY fun, but they can also get creative! Roo loves to play "Masterchef" and comes up will all sorts of lovely dishes for me judge! 
... oh and whern they done, hosing them down becomes a game too :) 
3. Bulid a fort, inside, outside, blankets, branches -whatevers going!
Then pack a picnic or a tea party and sqeeeeze into that small space to enjoy it :).
4. Make a spider web... this is something I used to do with my borther and sister when they were small :).
Line up some chairs to create a tunnel and then thread rope in and out, back and fourth for them to climb through
If you have a teddy bear collection like ours you can also make a tunnel filled with teddy bears that they have to burrow through! YOU. WILL. LAUGH.
5. Go for a walk :) 
6. Grow something in a pot for them to look after (succuleants are very forgiving)
Have Fun, Live, Love and Laugh :)!
Jenna xx
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