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Last week I treated my mum and sister to a day at Karkloof Safari Spa – it was Mumsies birthday and Narn got to come with too because - well she’s awesome! 

Most will know me as the hyperactive, go go go, mom, wife, friend who’s always buzzing around at 150%! A spa day is not something that is common for me, but everyone needs a little me time and so, there we were (eeeeeeeeep!)

Whilst I like to make sure I look after myself - manicures and pedicures wouldn’t last a minute on my garden digging, trail running, mom of two hands and feet and this is EXACTLY why Karkloof Safari Spa was the PERFECT decision!

Karkloof Safari Spa goes beyond any normal expectations one would have for a day spa.  there is no fluff and fuzz – it can only be described a pure perfection!

To begin with the facilities are incredible - with hot and cold pools, a variety of saunas and steam rooms, an outdoor Jacuzzi and change rooms that were conjured up in a teenage girls dream land, this is just the beginning!

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The thing that really makes Karkloof Safari Spa stand out is their therapists. All their therapists are from Thailand and all the treatments make use of this culture and technique, and this is the secret to the utter bliss that is a day spent there! A day here is not about beauty but your body - relaxing your muscles, relieving tension and stress, feeding your skin and calming your mind. 

I enjoyed a 90 minute Thai De-Stress Massage, followed by a Vitamin C Facial and lastly a Hot Oil head massage. I cannot count how many times I fell asleep - zzzzzz.

My Thai De-Stress massage is intense and relaxing, using beautiful aromatic oils and pressure points to relieve muscle tension and stress.

My facial was a citrus burst of orange, passion fruit and honey and left my skin soft and glowing (after an allergic reaction to a face cream just 3 days before – I cannot believe how it helped my skin to recover). It was gentle and un-invasive, putting goodness back rather than forcing anything ikky out.

Lastly the hot oil head massage – just imagine hot oils poured slowly onto the crown of your scalp and then gently massaged into your head, neck and shoulders – the oil smelt of coconut and Christmas and took me to a place of sleepy childlike bliss.

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 After that I was a ball of uum mushy, sleepy, nonsense – relaxed, indulged and calm.

I think I can leave it there; this is a place to go for a reset – to relax, breathe, take it all in, and as I said before enjoy a day of utter perfection in a place of absolute bliss!

No more words, trust me – just go try!

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